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Get great shaving & lifestyle tips and find out what's trending from Gillette's blog, The Blade.

Razor Archive Series: Gillette Old Type & New Improved Big Fellow Safety Razor

all silliness aside, this was one of my favorite experiences behind my camera. from start to finish… meeting sahan that first day and then getting to know them both as we spent the morning wandering assateague. it was just really awesome! veronica kept giggling, holding sahan close and looking down at her hand. I really don’t think it sunk in yet ~ she even had to go to work that afternoon in DC. talk about a wild day! you are such lovely people who make a very special couple who acutely love each other so much.. as veronica said on facebook a couple of days later, ‘I get to ally my best friend!’ I ambition both of you so abundant love and laughter as you take this new journey together. xoxo

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on orders over $25—or get FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime ..... seemed cheaper, but after I tried one I knew they were not real Gillette razor blades.

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step two: reconnaissance ~ sahan larboard his home in DC on a thursday morning, in his suit, and ‘going to work.’ shortly leaving home, he changed into beach appropriate accoutrements and drove to assateague to meet with me. we wandered the beaches, walked the trails, and perused bayside where he smiled and declared, ‘this is it!’. he took photos to send back to headquarters (aka: his sister) for confirmation, we firmed up logistics, and bid farewell. he drove to DC, put his suit back on, and returned home… veronica was none the wiser.

Gillette fusion 5

Jun 7, 2016 ... More brands should consider the ways in which they can be there for families, like mine, when they are in need. See all about Gillette Video ...

How Gillette’s Video Content Shaped a Poignant Moment in My Son’s Adolescence

step three: execution ~ the morning of the proposal was rained out, but as with any mission worth its merit, a plan b was in place. I awoke early the abutting day, confirmed with sahan that we were a go, and proceeded to assateague. I arrived and awaited intel from sahan regarding their ETA. I hid in the bushes until a car approached and parked. but this car was white, clashing the vehicle that sahan had been driving several days before. fortunately, just as I was about to compromise my position, I saw sahan through the window and ducked back into the shadows. as they absolved to the water, sahan expertly stayed on my side, careful me from veronica. I lifted my camera, gazed through the viewfinder, and waited. they were talking, laughing, holding hands, and kissing in between smiles. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but I knew what was coming… I had been trained for this. suddenly, he descended on one knee and boom! I snapped away, boring coming out of hiding as veronica realized what has accident ~ the mix of surprise, joy, and elation… I alive to capture moments like these.


In July, writer Joe Posnanski wrote a blog post about 50 things that make him happy. The concept of the post was to list 50 “non-cynical” things that, obviously,  ...

Gillette Is Introducing Cheaper Blades to Fend Off Dollar Shave Club and Harry's

Jo'Vonna loves riding her scooter, but because she has cerebral palsy, she has trouble maintaining balance. If anything besides Jo'Vonna's own determination will help her accommodated her goals, it's Gillette.

Gillette mach 3

Jun 23, 2018 ... Blog · Merchandise · Tour · Photos · Video · Session Work & Mixing · Endorsements · Press · Lessons · Contact · Forums · Members; more.


Children who have disabilities and complex medical needs—and their families—have been at the center of our mission for more than 120 years. Learn how we've congenital on this long history to help patients improve their health, achieve greater well-being, and adore life.

Gillette on demand

Change is good for every industry, especially when it forces everyone to up their SEO game. I've been in the SEO & digital marketing industry since long before ...

Gillette-Torvik Blog

step one: the assignment ~ I received an email inquiry from sahan regarding his plan to whisk his beautiful (then) adherent away to a weekend at the beach to celebrate their anniversary. veronica knew about the getaway… what she didn’t know? is that he was planning to propose.

Gillette wyoming newspaper

Explore the amazing stories of Gillette patients, families and team members who help inspire and inform. From engaging in-depth patient stories and interviews ...

there’s something about photographing a proposal that makes me feel like a secret agent. to get it right, there are a lot of steps involved and it’s a bit trickier than most sessions that I do. I love them and any chance I have been given the honor of capturing this moment, I have adored. I could go on and on.. but let’s get to it: the mission (cue the music).

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